Sound of the Desert

Every Sun, 7pm.

Sound of the Desert

About Sound of the Desert

Based on the popular Chinese novel by Tong Hua, author of Scarlet Heart, the story begins when beautiful, smart and talented Xin Yue (Cecilia Liu) raised by the wolves in the desert meets Mo Xun (Hu Ge), a kind, handicapped gentleman by fate. She falls in love with Mo Xun, but is cruelly rejected.

She is not the only one hurt and upset though – Wei Wuji (Eddie Peng), a capable general who has won countless of battles, has also been by her side and loves her despite knowing it’s an unrequited love. Will Xin Yue end up with capable businessman Mo Xun or brave general Wei Wuji?

Starring: Cecilia Liu, Hu Ge & Eddie Peng.