Red Sorghum

About Red Sorghum

In the 1930s, nineteen-year-old Jiu Er (Zhou Xun) leaves her rural village to enter into an arranged marriage with the disabled son of a wine distillery owner. However, when she is kidnapped by a bandit, she is rescued by Yu Zhan Ao (Zhu Ya Wen) and soon falls in love with him. From then on, a forbidden love between them begins to unfold…

Starring: Zhou Xun as Jiu Er & Zhu Ya Wen as Yu Zhan Ao.

  • Red Sorghum is actress Zhou Xun's television comeback after 10 years!
  • Zhou Xun is a critically acclaimed actress in mainland China and has starred in Hollywood films including Cloud Atlas.
  • The show is an adaptation of Nobel-winning author Mo Yan's 1986 novel Red Sorghum Family, which director Zhang Yimou had made into a 1987 film, Red Sorghum. The movie went on to win the Golden Bear at the 1988 Berlin Film Festival.