• The Legend of Mi Yue

    The Legend of Mi Yue

    Starts Jan 29, Mon - Fri, 8PM.

    Mi Yue endures life in the trenches to rise on the throne as China's first Empress Dowager…
  • Dragon Dance

    Dragon Dance

    Starts Jan 10, Mon - Fri, 7PM.

    The dragon on the Qing Dynasty flag represents imperial power and strength, but for Taipei, it also meant war and massacre…
  • Adventurous Journey

    Adventurous Journey

    Mon - Fri, 9PM.

    The quest to restore peace for the kingdom starts with Bai Ze and five mystical stars…
  • Battle of Conquerors

    Battle of Conquerors

    Starts Dec 27, Mon - Fri, 10PM.

    Power leads to hate, and hate leads to war - whose hands will the Qin Dynasty lie in?
  • Hua Xu Yin

    Hua Xu Yin

    Mon - Fri, 8PM.

    Based on the novel by acclaimed writer Tong Hua!
  • Emergency Couple

    Emergency Couple

    Sat & Sun, 8AM.

    Will they get lucky in love the second time round?

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Detectives and Doctors
Detectives and Doctors
Loving, Never Forgetting
Hua Xu Yin
Hua Xu Yin
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