• Dragon Dance

    Dragon Dance

    Every Mon - Fri, 8pm.

    A historical epic set against the backdrop of Taipei during the Qing rule from 1868 to 1888.
  • Bride of the Century

    Bride of the Century

    Every Mon - Fri, 10pm.

    Can a fake bride dispel the ancient curse? Starring Lee Hong Ki and Yang Jin Sung!
  • Lady & Liar

    Lady & Liar

    Every Mon - Fri, 7pm.

    Can true love overcome deception and mistaken identities?
  • New Mad-Monk

    New Mad-Monk

    Every Mon - Fri, 9pm.

    He's not your everyday monk!
  • Potato Star 2013 QR3

    Potato Star 2013 QR3

    Every Sat & Sun, 8am.

    Life turns weird after a mysterious asteroid crashes on Earth…

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Lady & Liar
Lady & Liar
Season 1, Episode 32


Lady & Liar
Lady & Liar
Season 1, Episode 33
Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance
Episode 579
New Mad-Monk
New Mad-Monk
Season 1, Episode 76
Bride of The Century