• New Mad-Monk

    New Mad-Monk

    Every Mon - Fri, 9pm.

    He's not your everyday monk!
  • Detectives And Doctors

    Detectives And Doctors

    Every Mon - Fri, 7pm.

    Based on the popular Lu Xiaofeng series!
  • Dragon Dance

    Dragon Dance

    Every Mon - Fri, 8pm.

    A historical epic set against the backdrop of Taipei during the Qing rule from 1868 to 1888.
  • Love On TipToe

    Love On TipToe

    Every Sun, 7pm.

    Starring Korean actor John Hoon!
  • Loving, Never Forgetting

    Loving, Never Forgetting

    Every Sat, 7pm.

    Can love still be rekindled seven years on?

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Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance
Episode 521


Detectives and Doctors
Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance
Episode 522
New Mad-Monk
New Mad-Monk
Season 1, Episode 19
Grandpas Over Flowers
Grandpas Over Flowers
Season 1, Episode 4